troubleshooting Windows 10 IoT graphics

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi there, for those who are struggling getting the graphics on the RaspberryPI 2 to work with the latest Windows 10 IoT build here are some tips:

  • Make sure you see the blue Windows logo, otherwise your RP2 could be not booting at all
  • Use a class 10 SD card, others might fail because they are to slow (or just crappy)
  • Use the IoTCoreImageHelper.exe tool to flash the card with the flash.ffu file (or the appropiate version of dism)
  • You will need Windows 10 to flash the card
  • When you graphics go black after you’ve seen the blue logo, change your config.txt file to boot in some kind of Safe Mode:
  • With this safe mode you can start with resolution that every display should be able to render, just change and test a few times until you find the best settings for your setup
  • Use this site to tweak your config.txt file:
  • Disconnect unused USB devices, some devices are generating I/O that will overload Windows 10 somehow, i had to disconnect the Wifi adapter at first boot
  • Only connect one standard USB keyboard
  • IMPORTANT: wait, wait and wait some more. While tuning the configuration i had to in some cases wait a couple of minutes (2 reboots without display) before i saw output on my display. Just take a limit of 10 minutes when flashing your SD again. Also, every now and then the display stays black. Just disconnect the power supply for a few seconds and try again. In most cases when you cutoff power for a few seconds the device will boot normal again. I guess that the boot process has to be enhanced some more but that’s okey…..this is one of the very first versions that runs on RaspberryPI 2 and i installed it just a few seconds ago 🙂
  • Final move would be to switch to another display :-S

Please feel free to reply if you have any questions!!!

Below some screenshots: 
20150811_22201620150811_230351 20150811_230427



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